DG02-T8 DLC Approved
Designed with the leading electronic, thermology and optics technology,strictly complied with UL standard and certified by DLC which is the highest level certification for LED tubes.
DLC listed for 3000K/4000K/5000K
2FT 10W 1000lm/3FT 12W 1200lm/4FT 18W 2100lm/5FT 22W 2300lm/8FT 35W 3800lm
Isolated driver guaranty 100% safety
Frosted and clear cover for options
Dimmable solution is available
12V low voltage is available
Internal and external driver for options.
ETL/DLC listed for 4FT T8 
5 years warranty for DLC T8
To obtain pricing, get more information, or to Wonka product, please call our corporate office at 0086-755-2849-3232 or send e E-mail to info@wonka.cc. We will promptly make contact with your representatives in your area. If you previously have Wonka ® on behalf of workers For, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you! Important Note: Some Wonka LED products are used to turn on / off switches use standard only. Do not use dimmers, unless the product is designed to work with for Use of the product specifications listed in Table tune the light switch. Use non-dimming products with any type of dimmer or other current / voltage control device will void the warranty.

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